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Founded in 2018, Foshan Tianlu Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has about 70 employees, with an average age of 33.7 years. It is a national high-tech enterprise, located in Shiji Binjiang, Zhangcha street, Chancheng District, with its own 1200 square meter headquarters building, surrounded by Japan Tianlu company, Jiangsu branch and experimental R & D center.
At present, it has more than 160 national patented technologies and is one of the largest manufacturers of sintering intelligent equipment for new energy materials in China. It has in-depth cooperation with well-known enterprises in the new energy industry, such as Ningde times, beiteri new energy Co., Ltd., Bangpu Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., Zichen technology, Kaijin new energy and other leading enterprises (in no order), By September 2021, the number of orders received had exceeded 600 million. It mainly produces and develops roller kiln / production line, rotary kiln, powder production line and other equipment, which are widely used in new energy materials and electronic ceramics industries.
The core products with the whole process of manufacturing positive and negative materials are as follows:
1 .  Sintering equipment of roller kiln for positive and negative materials of lithium battery
2 .  Rotary furnace sintering equipment for positive and negative materials of lithium battery
3 .  Positive and negative electrode materials of lithium battery and positive and negative compacted phase conveying system of powder materials
4 .  Waste gas treatment equipment for negative electrode material of lithium battery
5 .  Lithium battery positive and negative materials intelligent Factory cloud equipment

  • 2018


    The company was founded in 2018

  • 2097


    Registered capital

  • 75


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Enterprise vision

Provide intelligent factory solutions for lithium batteries and other new materials
Become a benchmark enterprise of intelligent equipment in the industry


Tianlu mission

Let employees work happily
happy life. Self achievement;
Create value for society
Dare to take responsibility and repay the motherland


Development purpose

   Enterprise platform,
Employee management,
Normalization of innovation,
Customer value.


Management idea

A group of people
One heart
One goal
Do one thing


Core value

Use the system to improve enterprise management,
Leading enterprise development with innovation,
Leading enterprises to the future with culture


2021 (Headquarters completed)

2021 (Headquarters completed)

Obtain the certification of intellectual property management system; Foshan Tianlu building was completed and put into use in Chancheng District, Foshan City
2020 (technology leads progress)

2020 (technology leads progress)

Obtain the national high-tech enterprise certificate
2019 (quality drives development)

2019 (quality drives development)

Obtain ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification
Established in 2018

Established in 2018

Foshan Tianlu Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

Service hotline:400-1898-336


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Add:Tianlu building, building 15, century Binjiang, country garden, No. 4, Zhizhi Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City


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